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What’s new from Convergence 2014 Europe

My experience of Convergence 2014 Europe by Jason Daraz, QGate CRM Consultant & Developer

For those of you unable to attend this year’s Convergence in Barcelona, here are just a few highlights that made the event for me.

Upon arriving at the event, Microsoft weren’t subtle in spelling out the themes that would run through the sessions to follow in the coming days. From the off it was clear that Microsoft had brought their answers to the big questions currently buzzing around the world of business technology. From the internet of things and big data, to cloud, mobile and machine learning; while none of these by themselves broke new ground, it was the union of the technologies that would really pique my interest.

Take for example, the Keynote given by Eric Boocock, the Director of Product Marketing for Dynamics CRM. Eric took to the stage to demo some of the capabilities available as part of the Sales Productivity Pack (

Starting with Power BI running on Azure, and using the natural language capabilities of Power BI Q&A, an opportunity in CRM was quickly identified as offering a high chance of closing, given that the marketing campaign it was associated to showed a high win rate for the closed opportunities associated to it.

With this insight and a couple of clicks, an appointment was created for the opportunity owner to meet with the client, to try and close the deal.

Now, playing the part of the opportunity owner, Eric lifts his wrist to the camera to give Microsoft’s new wearable band a cameo appearance ( The appointment, created only moments before in CRM had synchronised out to his mobile device and was appearing as an alert on his Microsoft Band, Time to head to the meeting and close that deal!”

It must have gone well, because only seconds later, it’s time to create a follow up action to send the contract documents to the client for signing. You can do that in CRM, right? While on the road, using the mobile app? Sure you can. But that’s so 2013:

“Cortana, create a CRM task to send the contract documents to the client”.

I’ll admit, it was a little hammy, but seeing the Microsoft technologies working together was pretty impressive, the developer in me can’t wait to get their hands on the technology.

So with 2 out of the 3 components of the Sales Productivity Pack covered (with a little help from Mobile and the Cloud), the prospect of sending a contract document to the client using Office 365 seemed a little anti-climactic… Microsoft’s partner network to the rescue.

Okay, so we can open up our sales documents in SharePoint Online, surely we aren’t going to print the contract and sign it with a pen? Of course not! Enter stage left, DocuSign ( Let’s send our contract via DocuSign and add our John Hancock to it, right on our mobile device, to seal the deal.

With the demo over, the tone that Microsoft had struck was not just that they had  offerings for cloud, mobile and BI, but that their power, was in the convergence of their platforms, productivity and business applications.

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For QGate, this summer has brought exciting developments, with new product updates, new staff and new campaign launches.

We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics 2015 slated for the fourth quarter of this year. We will be producing an update before the release with more information.

Finally, we have been working on a Welcome to QGate video that you may find interesting. It can be found on our website here.

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intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our latest release (v1.4.3) of intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now available. The highlight of this release is the support for Office 2013 and the 64-bit Office suite.

Release notes and system requirements for this new release are available on our intelli-CTi – Technical Support Page on the QGate Knowledgebase.

Or if you are already a supported QGate intelli-CTi customer you can download the latest release here.

You can take a free 30 day test drive here, or contact us for further information about intelli-CTi.

Sage 50 Link for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The latest release (v1.3.1) of our Sage 50 Link™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is now available. The highlight of this release is the multi-currency support improvements.

Release notes and system requirements for this new release are available on our Sage 50 Link – Technical Support Page on the QGate Knowledgebase.

Please Note: This product is only for Sage 50 Accounts (UK Edition).

If you are already a supported QGate Sage 50 Link customer, you can download the latest release by clicking here.

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Lush/QlikView Shortlisted for Retail Systems Award

Our customer Lush has been shortlisted for a Retail Systems Award in the category of Big Data Initiative of the Year.

This award will go to a company who is able to show a real understanding and grasp of the Big Data challenge. Retailers are sitting on huge quantities of their own data as well as information from other sources in the expanding digital universe.

In 2010 Lush needed a technology platform that employees at every level throughout the business could use to access vital sales, stock, store and staff information. QGate helped deploy QlikView as a solution.

Our QlikView deployment at Lush represents a real-life example of how our fast path workshop can enable companies to do great things quickly, using their own internal resources and without incurring large external consulting costs.

eXtremeCRM 2014 Las Vegas

We are excited to be exhibiting at eXtremeCRM in Las Vegas as Bronze Sponsors.
eXtremeCRM is where Microsoft Dynamics partners come together to forge business relationships, gain knowledge from real-world experiences and dive deep into current and future technologies.

We will be exhibiting at Stand #127 at this event, which runs from 5-8 October.

CRMUG Summit 2014 St. Louis

Experience CRMUG Summit 2014, the ultimate learning and networking event for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community.

Every attendee is focused on Dynamics CRM, and you’ll learn first-hand how they’ve overcome challenges you face every day!

The event runs from 13-17 October and QGate will be attending as a Platinum Sponsor. We will be exhibiting at Booth #1343 and presenting throughout the week.

Microsoft Convergence Barcelona

Convergence provides you the chance to make key business connections and to discover the full potential of your Microsoft solutions. It’s where opportunity and innovation meet.

We will be exhibiting at Microsoft Convergence in Barcelona 4-6 November 2014 as Platinum Sponsors at Booth #47.

Please contact us for more information regarding any of the products and services in this update.

eXtremeCRM 2014 Event

eXtremeCRM – Barcelona February 2014

So this was the 4th European event.  eXtremeCRM is an event specifically for partners involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with 400 plus delegates attending the 3 day event this time.

Because of its focus both in terms of audience and content is surely is the most important event for any partner working with Dynamics CRM.  However there was only a few UK partners in attendance beside QGate, well their loss.  As usual the event saw LOTS of sessions, well  over 100, some from Microsoft, a lot from other Partners, MVPs etc.  This time the range of subject areas had been extended to include not just the technical , road maps etc but sales and pre-sales.  The most frustrating thing was to consider which session to go to at any one time, the options were brilliant.

It is fair to say a few of the session could have been better and I wish that some of the presenters stuck closer to the stated description of the session – although this is a comment that can equally be leveled at previous  Convergence events, perhaps more so.  I hope this improves with the forthcoming Atlanta convergence.   When you are trying to choose a session from 3 or 4 that you might want to look at, the description is important, at least with eXtremeCRM you don’t need to walk miles if you decide you want to change session part way through one.

However, that said there were a lot of cracking sessions which the QGate team were really pleased to have attended, I was impressed with the sessions around Marketing Pilot, now to be known as Microsoft Marketing, thanks to  Marco Amoedo from Microsoft for these.  It was also very useful to get an idea of where the Dynamics team is taking whole social thing and CRM.

Obviously a big part of the event is the whole community coming together.  Being a smaller event and more focused event than Convergence it does mean a better chance to strike up conversations pretty quickly around all things CRM.  The next eXtremCRM will be in the US around October time, QGate has already committed to be there, looking forward to It already.