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Business Intelligence Solutions from QGate

Business decision makers need reports that deliver the information that allows them to understand his/her organization and the world in order to make better decisions.  Business Intelligence (BI) software delivers this information via reports and dashboards.

The explosion of digital data has made it even more difficult for companies to keep up with the pace of ever changing data sources and even harder to base decisions on it. No company can afford to wait weeks to get the information needed to address a problem that’s happening right now, especially when the Business Intelligence capability is in the hands of just a few specialists. 

QGate are a Qlik Solution Provider Partner

The QGate Approach:  

As a partner of Qlik, we are proud to work with Qlik® to help reduce this accessibility gap by offering solutions for business and operational users. 

QGate provide the complete Qlik product family

Solve any business question.  Explore data and discover the insights that answer your agile business needs.  Share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.  Find out about the individual products below or read more about the Qlik product family benefits.

Self-Service Visualisation and Discovery - Qlik Sense®

Use drag-and-drop creation to produce smart, interactive data visualisations.  Share to any device.  Now there are no limits. 

Read more about Qlik Sense.

Guided Analytics - QlikView®

Guide controlled explorations of dynamic data sets toward deeper discovery.  Lets you build a custom app in a QlikView scripting environment.  Available on your desktop or server.

Read more about QlikView.

Guided and Embedded Analytics - Qlik® Analytics Platform

Build any BI app for exploration and discovery that you can envision.  Includes Qlik's powerful analytics engine, a rich library of embeddable, interactive visualisations, open APIs and tools.

Read more about Qlik Analytics Platform.

External Data Feeds - Qlik® DataMarket

Receive useful, relevant and reliable external data.  The Qlik DataMarket subscription service makes it happen effortlessly.

Read more about Qlik DataMarket.

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Business Intelligence from Qlik