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Data DeDuplication with QGate's Paribus Discovery

Paribus Discovery Cure IconQuickly identify duplicate problems and cleanse your CRM systems

Paribus Discovery is a data deduplication solution that enables you to Identify, Resolve and Cure the duplicate data plaguing your CRM system.  Paribus Discovery integrates with:

Duplicate data problems include:

Paribus Discovery was created to Identify and Resolve (CURE) duplicates in CRM systems.
Using Paribus Discovery you can remove duplicates before cleansing and enriching your data, thereby:

What is Paribus Discovery™

Paribus Discovery is a data deduplication solution that allows you to Identify and Resolve (CURE) duplicate records within your CRM system and help you keep it clean. At its core is a sophisticated data matching engine, combined with the ability to search and match across multiple elements of your data with intelligent ’fuzzy’ matching techniques to identify the non identical duplicates. 

Paribus Discovery™ eliminates waste, saves money and improves your company’s efficiency and image and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor CRM and Sage CRM.

Data DeDuplication with Paribus Discovery

Intelligent Search with Paribus Interactive

 Further details and a free trial are available on the website.