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intelli-CTi (Base Product) – Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides frequently asked questions about the intelli-CTi (base product – telephony integration).

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FAQsQ. Why has the intelli-CTi Server Component been introduced?

    There are a number of reasons why we have added the intelli-CTi server:

  1. A number of telephone vendors do not provide a Windows 64-bit compatible client side TAPI Service Provider (TSP).  So to provide compatibility in a 64-bit desktop environment server side connection was the only option
  2. Provide robust support for Citrix/Terminal Server
  3. Our roadmap includes the centralisation of a number of features including licence management, configuration management, and phone number management as well as centralised reporting capability.  The initial release enables us to add these features in due course.

FAQsQ. Will the new intelli-CTi Server support every phone system?

The short answer is no, not every phone system.  The intelli-CTi server has certainly extended the number of phone systems we can support including certain hosted VOIP systems etc.However, some vendors do not offer a suitable interface (API) for us to provide integration.  There are some phone system systems, notably Asterisk based ones that provide a simple API, however, it lacks certain functions making it impossible to fully support it.  Our Compatibility Guide is updated regularly with the latest status, but we always strongly recommend a full test of the system before ordering intelli-CTi using the product trial download.

FAQsQ. How much longer will intelli-CTi version 2.1 be supported?

Official support for v2.1 has ended, please update to the latest version.

FAQsQ. Will the server component be an additional cost?

Yes.  Please request our current Price List.


  • The intelli-CTi Sever cost INCLUDES remote installation support from QGate.
  • If a customer has multiple sites where there are multiple phones systems installed each phone system will require a matching intelli-CTi server.  The cost for each additional server will be 50% of the standard cost.For those current customers who are on support and maintenance the cost of the server is also 50% of the standard cost.
  • There is no charge for the upgrade of the client licences to version 2.5.

FAQsQ. Is the server component required for new customers?

Yes, All new installs will require the server component, please ensure this is included in ALL new quotes.  Remember remote support of the install is now included in this cost, so there is generally no requirement for additional services cost unless onsite support is required.

FAQsQ. intelli-CTi version 2.5+ has also changed the client side integration why?

Since the version 2.5 release we have introduced a new approach to integration; the Breeze Framework from QGate is a new integration framework that allows us to provide a rich user experience without major application specific customisation.  This is particularly useful when integrating with web based applications, enabling a “lite” touch integration approach.

FAQsQ. I have an existing integration, is Breeze compatible?

Yes, we have maintained backward compatibility.  We would recommend reviewing the new options with Breeze as it provides a number of advantages for integration such as .NET support etc.

FAQsQ. Can I get a demo/trial version?

Yes, downloading the product from the QGate web site provides a fully working demo/trial version.  The Virtual Telephony Switch feature enables the demonstration of the product in isolation without the need to connect to a switch. Included in the email received in response to a download request includes a time limited licence so that a full test with the phone system can be carried out.We assume a successful test using the trial has been completed when accepting an order.