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Data DeDuplication with QGate's Paribus Discovery™ for Infor CRM

Paribus Discovery Cure IconQuickly identify duplicate data in your CRM 

Paribus Discovery provides a  data deduplication solution that enables you to Find, Remove and Cure the duplicate data harming your CRM system.  Duplicate data brings the following problems:

Paribus Discovery was created to Find and Remove (CURE) duplicates in CRM systems.
Using Paribus Discovery you can remove duplicates easilty before cleansing and enhancing your data, thereby:

What is Paribus Discovery™

Paribus Discovery is a data deduplication solution that allows you to Find and Remove (CURE) duplicate records in your CRM system and helps you to keep it clean. It is built on a sophisticated data matching engine with the ability to search and match across multiple aspects of your data with an intelligent ’fuzzy’ matching technique to find the potential duplicates. 

Paribus Discovery™ eliminates waste, saves money and increases your company’s efficiency and brand image.

DeDuplicate for Infor CRM

Intelligent Search with Paribus InteractiveFurther details and a free trial are available on the website