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Email Communications with dotMailer®

dotMailer enables you to send, track and report on email communications including newsletters, sales promotions, corporate communications and event promotion. When combined with the data in your CRM system to deliver personalised one to one messages the effectiveness of your email campaigns can go through the roof.

Every business has a constant need to communicate with its customers, suppliers and prospects in order to sustain its life blood - Revenue! The secret is to know what data to send to whom, at a time which is most appropriate to them.

Email marketing can reap significantly higher returns than direct mail or in-house campaigns. It encourages marketers to add campaign and email functions to their infrastructure. e-marketing enables the online design, execution and measurement of email campaigns that deliver results and data straight back to your CRM system.

Seven benefits of email marketing:

dotMailer reduces the costs and improves the accuracy of your marketing, and increases the value of your CRM investment. dotMailer integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM so you can use and refine your data without any 3rd party involvement, quickly verify customer details and generate low-cost sales. 

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