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Event Management with Eventix

Eventix for Course or Event Management is a powerful and sophisticated enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that enables the management of all your account, contact, opportunity and enrolment information in one place. With this level of integration, you can enhance productivity and track customer enrolment histories to drive cross selling activities and high customer retention rates. You will no longer have to manage and maintain distinct systems so you can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

QGate has many years of experience with Eventix and has deployed large, sophisticated solutions, as well as smaller, cost effective deployments. Eventix helps you extend the value and reach of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and enables:

Complete event management and attendee registration, all in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
In addition to tracking attendees, you can manage Wait Lists, Material Lists, Checklist, Event Capacity plus related events.
Tasks such as printing name tags and sign-in sheets that are a real pain and take up a lot of your time can now be accomplished easily with just a few mouse clicks.
You can generate reports off your past event records to show which events were well attended and how much revenue they brought in.
Your accounting department will love the detail of information tracked about events, fees, discounts, earned revenue, payments and so much more,
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