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TaskCentre: Workflow

More than ever, organisations today are striving to achieve efficient, consistent and measurable processes as a pre-requisite to delivering quality to their customers. Maintaining alignment with, and auditing of a (Quality) Management System without the right technology foundation is a challenging, time consuming and costly endeavour..

Workflow enforces consistency in the organisation’s processes and can therefore play a fundamental part in the acceleration of company performance and the development of a sustainable competitive advantage. Yet, to date, most traditional Workflow systems are reliant on the individual to identify and start a workflow process rather than this being dynamic, event-driven and integrated with their own systems.

The problems caused by traditional approaches to workflow are also exacerbated by the number of people and departments that business processes can cross and, therefore, the requirement for intelligent Workflow functionality is high on the IT agenda.

Through TaskCentre®, organisations are able to add Workflow capabilities to their existing software applications, which immediately increases productivity, eradicates administrative waste and enhances stakeholder relationships. 

Illustrations of how TaskCentre®’s Workflow capability has helped existing clients include:



  • Increased credit limit acceptance
  • Funds transfer approval 

Human Resources

  • Holiday sign-off consent
  • Expenses approval 


  • Production schedule approval
  • Product returns agreement 

Customer Service

  • Calls allocation and acceptance
  • Spare parts authorisation 

Logistics and Operations

  • Confirm delivery schedule receipt
  • Purchase order authorisation 

Sales and Marketing

  • Marketing budget approval
  • Account manager change request 


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