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Call Scripting with TKDialogs

TK Dialogs LogoTKDialogs is a Call Scripting tool for use with CRM. It provides end users (web or internal) with easy to follow scripts, which lead the users step-by-step through a defined process.

TKDialogs scripts have read/write access to all CRM data. Typical uses are advice giving, sales qualification, issue logging and service enquiries.
Vertical markets include local and regional government, finance and regulated services.
TKDialogs provides the following benefits: 
And provides a solution for the following business needs:
QGate and Team Knowledge are now offering a fully integrated Contact Center Solution.  Linking the extensive telephony integration offered by intelli-CTi, the comprehensive Call Scripting of TKDialogs with your chosen CRM system.
By building your Call Centre solution on a CRM platform you inherently gain the customer management and communication features associated with CRM.
For more information on our integrated Call Centre solution go to our Contact Centre Solution page, or for more information on TKDialogs watch this introduction video and/or contact QGate directly.