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CEGA Air Ambulance Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Save Lives and Streamline Processes

CEGA Air Ambulance LogoCustomer Profile:

CEGA Air Ambulance are based at Bournemouth Airport and is an international medical assistance business that provides risk management for travel insurers and large corporations who have customers and employees abroad.  If one of these people were to be injured or ill whilst abroad, CEGA have their own air ambulance fleet of aircraft to treat them and bring them home.

CEGA manage a global network of hospitals, agents and partner organisations to ensure that patients get the optimum level of care.



CEGA Air Ambulance deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to streamline their administration and audit processes throughout their global network of clients and partners.

After approaching different vendors it was only Microsoft and QGate that understood what CEGA were after and could provide the right tool for them.

"It was only QGate that could see the vision.  It was only them that could understand what we were after... They have a wealth of knowledge and they offer us the advice and the support we need to what we need to deliver today.  I feel confident that when I have got an issue they will be there for the technical answer." - Jackie Gillard, Services Manager, CEGA Group

Benefits to business:

Customer's View:

"The senior management team do genuinely lie awake at night if we are not comfortable that the aircraft is going to get to the patient at the right time.  Having Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place means we can relax and literally sleep well at night knowing that the patient will be supported in the right way"  - Alistair Hardie, CEO, CEGA Group

"I actually feel quite proud.  It's great for our company to have an operating system that is efficient, saves time and lives."  - Jackie Gillard, Services Manager, CEGA Group

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