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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights

Deliver a better customer experience

Drive engagement through intelligent customer analytics.  Give employees the relevant insights they need to better understand and engage with customers.


Give your front-line employees quick access to insights on how to best serve your customers - without requiring a team of data scientists.


Infuse big data with customer analytics to understand your customers' needs and identify opportunities that better target marketing resources.


Get everyone in your organisation on the same page by using a simple, easy-to-reference dashboard that's configured for marketing, sales and service teams.

Smarter customer insights are only the start 

Gather insights

Connect disparate data silos for a comprehensive look at your customers - collecting customer insights and interactions in one place.

Customer Insights 

Create visualisations

Create rich visualisations that illustrate your customers' engagement and user journey in one easy-to-reference dashboard.  No need to sort through numerous disparate data silos.

 Customer Insight Create Visualisations

Engage customers

Analyse your customer's demographics, purchase history and interactions to deliver and fine-tune relevant offers and content using customer intelligence and built-in predictive analysis.

 Customer Insights Engage Customers


Monitor relationships

Strengthen your customer relationships by tracking interactions to quickly identify at-risk customers and effectively focus resources on them.


Customer Insights Monitor Relationships

Target audiences

Identify hidden opportunities to efficiently target your marketing resources by customer needs, interests and demographics.

Customer Insights Target Audiences

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