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Application Integration

In the current climate, companies are under pressure to demonstrate better and better Return On Investment (ROI) from their existing applications. They need to break down barriers by bringing together teams and departments with solutions which integrate disparate business processes. This helps to build a complete, single customer view which generates crucial efficiencies and cost reductions.

QGate have many years of experience of Application Integration (AI) and integrating systems so they yield second generation Returns On Investment (ROI) that sustain adoption and enable customer acquisition and service improvements.

QGate have maintained very high customer retention rates because we understand the importance of being on hand to help you extend the reach and value of your initial investments in CRM. CRM itself is more and more solution support - a process enabling component within the business which supports other vital functions across disparate teams. CRM can break down the barriers in your business so it's easier to create process efficiency.

Where you're looking to adapt this approach to back office integration, QGate can help you:

Working with trusted partners to develop and maintain:

and other market leading back office systems, QGate can help you implement a coordinated and integrated solution that delivers results for your business.

You can also incorporate eCommerce and customer portal features of your business, or integrate with other third party systems using TaskCentre, a sophisticated and versatile alerts broker. Breaking down the barriers in your business like this reduces the time and cost associated with mundane administration between departments and can significantly improve your productivity.

QGate has a great reputation for technical and after-sales services and our experts are certified in a wide range of the latest technologies, contact us for more information.