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Data Management Consultancy

QGate's dedicated Data Services team provides specialist Data Management Consultancy on all aspects of data management. Data management is a cyclical, ongoing process that eliminates waste and enables the smooth and efficient operation of your business. Good data underpins every business activity from human resources to billing and fulfilment.

QGate Data Services can support your data deduplication, system migration and integration requirements, including integration with your back office. They can also implement world class business intelligence and analysis solutions that help you make better decisions. Your business needs ongoing data management to make the most of one of its most valuable resources: its data.

Managing the removal or update of duplicate addresses, expired telephone numbers and new billing addresses and you eliminate waste and improve the returns you generate from your IT investments. A coherent and comprehensive data management strategy improves your targeting, selling and reporting. It makes your business better.

Data management solutions enable the iterative management of your data. They enable business plan objectives. The diagram below shows the processes involved in an iterative data management solution. Critical factors - ownership, acquisition and cleaning - all enable the achievement of strategic objectives.

data management process diagramQGate data management support

QGate offer a variety of products and services to support your data management needs:

Data imports: requires high speed data migration and reformatting. Inaport and Scribe reduce infrastructure costs by integrating data silos. QGate Paribus integrates with both tools to perform data matching and de-duplication when you're migrating data so you don't degrade it or pay for what you already have. QGate's system migration services enable the rapid deployment of new Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM systems.

Data matching: data matching, by QGate Paribus, enables deduplication and integration processes which in turn ensure that you can use your data very efficiently. You can use QGate Paribus alongside address data files to verify that you have the latest certified postal information and maintain highly accurate address data. Work with QGate's Data Services team to deploy data enhancement services to eliminate out of date or duplicate address data.

Business process automation:  TaskCentre monitors triggers within your databases to initiate and run automated processes so you can manage by exception and respond to dynamic and ever-changing data that drives your business. TaskCentre eliminates time consuming and mundane administrative tasks.

Business Intelligence:  Work with QGate to implement QlikView and turn your data into information that supports fast, flexible and informed decision making. Bring together disparate data sources to gain a single view of the business and enable highly accurate assessments of business performance.

Data usage and deployment:  Present your front office staff with the information and tools they need to do their jobs with Infor CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365. These market-leading CRM solutions will enable the deployment of a single database for front office sales, marketing and customer services functions. They make knowledge sharing, process efficiencies and a streamlined organisation possible by enabling data management within a single shared environment, inside and outside the physical boundaries of the business.

QGate has a great reputation for technical and after-sales services and our experts are certified in a wide range of the latest technologies, contact us for more information.