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Data Migration and Integration

QGate's Data Services team can help you get your data where you need it.  QGate makes use of standard industry integration tools such as Scribe Insight and Inaport and our own migration package.  With the team's experience of managing data projects we can guide and support you to a project success.


QGate's data migration services will give you the ability to conduct a quicker and lower risk data migration.  To establish a sound footing for your new CRM System QGate will assist in reviewing the currently available data, assessing its quality and determining with you what is required.  Then, as part of a CRM introduction project customising the new system to allow for custom data.  Alongside the migration itself data cleansing (using Paribus Discovery) and data enhancements (via third party) services can be provided/recommended. 


Where data is required across mulitple systems it is possible to setup a link between the systems and configure automated data flows between them to provide all your staff with the latest information in the system that they work.  These data flows can be between both on-premise and cloud deployed applications.  And if the integration requirements involve other tasks in addition to data transfer then QGate's Application Integration services are available to accommodate more complex tasks.

QGate's Data Migration Services

QGate has a great reputation for technical and after-sales services and our experts are certified in a wide range of the latest technologies, contact us for more information.