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Microsoft Dynamics and Infor CRM Consultancy - QGate's Approach

QGate's CRM consultancy and services enable successful CRM because they help you assume control of the CRM system you want to achieve your strategic business plans. From requirements gathering to ongoing implementation reviews, QGate CRM Consultants work with you to define how your company will use CRM and how you will drive adoption and use in your business.

Successful CRM liberates organisations and makes them highly efficient - QGate's CRM consultants works with you to help you succeed.

Our approach

Whether your chosen CRM solution is Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Infor CRM....Flow diagram of our consultancy process

QGate's CRM consultants look to establish mutually beneficial long term relationships and we do this by working very closely with you to ensure that an investment in CRM is going to support your business and help it meet and exceed business plan objectives. We believe in an ongoing interaction that helps you identify and deliver on the potential of your CRM investments.

We will identify your key stakeholders, such as your user community and the executives who will sponsor CRM and use it to review business performance. We'll work with you to translate business needs into a practical, realistic solution that supports high levels of user adoption and the attainment of key metrics.  See our video series on We Make CRM Work for more details.

QGate's CRM consultants can then implement a solution in such a way that it suits your schedule and budget needs, either through joint application development based on sophisticated project planning and risk mitigation, or a more dynamic rapid application development approach which reduces your time to value and minimises your up front costs.

Data is fundamental to the success of a CRM project and QGate CRM consultants will help you establish how you want to manage the data your CRM system will need. You will need to identify how you want to use data, how you want to acquire it and how you want to make sure it remains of the best possible quality.  See our video series on We Make CRM Work for more details.

To maintain the operational effectiveness of your CRM system, QGate's certified Technical Services desk works with you, remotely and on site as appropriate, to make sure your business runs as smoothly and successfully as possible.

QGate has a great reputation for technical and after-sales services and our experts are certified in a wide range of the latest technologies, contact us for more information.