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QGate's QlikView Methodology

Proof of Concept

Work with QGate to start building your investment case in QlikView: we'll spend time with you to achieve specific objectives that identify how QlikView benefits your organisation. You don't need a budget because we'll help you create one.

Historically, Business Intelligence (BI) projects have only a 35% success rate. QlikView helps you mitigate this unacceptably high rate of failure by enabling two critical aspects to enable fast and beneficial deployment.

  1. Download QlikView Personal Edition today and you can start building applications and consensus that help you achieve your business goals - for nothing.
  2. Take iterative steps towards a viral deployment that achieves specific targets as you go
  3. Alternatively, find out more about our QlikView Fast Path Workshop which will help you build your first QlikView application.

We do this with a 2 step methodology: first of all, we'll work with you to define a short seeing is believing event that achieves simple business intelligence objectives that help establish an investment case for QlikView. Second, we'll expand on the seeing is believing event with a paid proof of delivery project which puts the power of QlikView right in front of your sponsors and leaves you with a powerful application that shows you things you haven't seen before.

Compare this with the traditional method of deployment, which is very services intensive and builds in long winded change plans, and you can see how QlikView rapidly delivers value and puts the onus on the user to define the information they need to learn more about their jobs and the business.

If you don't know where to start, you can begin simply by interrogating your own spreadsheets and achieving simple objectives like agreement on data sources. In this way you can easily develop a phased adoption that reduces the overall services spend and identifies how a paid proof of delivery exercise with QGate will move you forward. This will typically take place over three days* and enable the development of your first QlikView analysis and business intelligence applications. By targeting your Excel Anarchy to begin with, we can rapidly demonstrate the value of objective and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI).

This will help you manage the business case for an investment in QlikView and means we have to focus on demonstrating the value of QlikView in your company. We'll work with you to define the metrics which you need to see to build an investment case for ground breaking business intelligence in your organisation.

When we're done, you'll have your first QlikView application, demonstrating tangible value and showing you things you didn't know.

QlikView enables such rapid time to value that even a short exercise like this Seeing is Believing event delivers value and insight. Using the QlikView download, you can use the applications we build during the SIB to continue to develop your business case and, when you go live, we'll have much less to do.

* Dependent upon scoping and objective setting.

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