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QlikView Software Implementation Services

There are two options for Software Implementation Services for QlikView:

Fast Path Workshop and Implementation Package

This tried and tested approach works very well for the customers that have the pre-requisite skills and resources available.

Who is it suitable for?


Pre-requisite Skills Required

  1. Knowledge of databases, querying etc.  and/or
  2. Knowledge of other reporting applications and/or
  3. Knowledge of Excel formulas, charting etc.

What is Included in this Package

A three day knowledge transfer workshop covering:

A further 15 hours is available to be called-of at the discretion of the customer.  This can be used remotely minute of an hour per call or per half day on site (travel time dependent).

The 15 hours must be used within 60 days of the initial Workshop.


After completing this package, the customer will have gained adequate knowledge and the start of their first internal application which they can then develop further. 

At the end of the five days the customer will have gained enough skills to progress themselves independently, as well as already having a starter application, specific to their requirements.

Consultancy/Development Services

This is the more traditional Consultant / Development based offering.  

In order to provide a cost of the Services there will need to be an initial fixed price Services engagement to understand the scope and requirements from the customer.

Having completed this initial phase, a proposal will be provided for delivery of the agreed Consultancy and Development.

Contact us to discuss your QlikView requirements.