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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with QGate's intelli-CTi™ Family

Telephony & CTI Integration with QGate's intelli-CTi Family

Telephony Integration with QGate's intelli-CTi family


QGate intelli-CTi™ enables the simple integration of your software applications, such as CRM, and your telephone system providing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and the following benefits: 

Computer Telephony Integration Environment Diagram

Are you still manually dialling telephone numbers, looking up Contacts and capturing telephone call information by hand?

intelli-CTi instantly improves the effectiveness of your customer interaction and the productivity of your users. intelli-CTi enables dialling Contacts directly from within an application with a single click and automatically identifies incoming calls showing contact information before you even answer the telephone.

CRM & Telephony Integration User Experience

intelli-CTi provides the ability to initiate a business process/workflow within an application, based on an incoming call or outbound dialling.

Whether building solutions for call centres, support desks or customer service, intelli-CTi will increase the productivity and efficiency of your operation whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and bottom line profitability.

QGate intelli-CTi™ uses a very simple installation and configuration process so your CTI-enabled users can be very quickly up and running. You can also use intelli-CTi over a VPN so even if you're not physically in the office you can realise all the benefits of integrating the CRM and phone systems.

intelli-CTi will work along side such switch-based features as Integrated Voice Response (IVR), voice recording, Direct Dialling, DTMF routing, power dialling etc. This is another example of how QGate intelli-CTi is phone system agnostic enabling you to make full use of the telephony system features and still benefit from tight application integration.

intelli-CTi keeps the user in complete control

intelli-CTi is now presented within a dynamic sidebar as part of the users desktop, allowing users to fully interact with their office applications whilst maintaining complete control of the telephone call.

Each telephone call is presented within the sidebar, along with information about the caller, call control and a unique in-call note capture capability.

Infor CRM 

QGate intelli-CTi for System Integrators

QGate intelli-CTi has been adopted by a number of System Integrators and software vendors to provide CTI functionality within their own solutions. Our Software Developer Kit (SDK) offers a quick enablement of CTI; with a well documented interface and sample code provided. For further information please contact us.