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Why Choose QGate - Specialists in CRM and Business Intelligence Solutions


QGate's Vision 

"To create a world in which data works"

As a decision maker, particularly if you head up a Company or large department, data can drive you mad.  It appears that everything is measured, everything is analysed - except the thing you need.  Somehow you are still missing the clarity and understanding from the waves of data which threaten to drown you. 
Sometimes you may find it difficult to remember that the first requirement of data is that it should work.  It should work to make you more knowledgeable and informed - more competitive.  It should work for your staff to make them more efficient and productive. Data collection and management is not sufficient in its own right, but is simply a means to an end – understanding, processing and decision making. 

So who do you turn to help you understand your data?

QGate are proven specialists in understanding data.  Established in 1997 we have built a national reputation for "making CRM work".  This is not simply by understanding the technology by understanding that whilst, in most cases cash is the fuel for business, data is the life blood.  If a system like CRM  is at the heart of an organisation, then the data that flows through it must be filtered, oxygenated, pumped to the right places exactly when needed.  The "health" of the data within has a direct effect on the "health" of an organisation.    
Whilst this analogy may seem a little contrived, it is our experience that misunderstanding data and the significance it plays in the effective and efficient running of an organisation is too often the un-diagnosed cause of many a system (and organisation) failure.
QGate recognises the "Data Factor".  We have developed tools to assist in the management of data, we consider how data is being used and what its value is  and we know not to invest time and effort in data that has little or no value.  We understand data and can help your organisation evaluate your data value and maximise its contribution to the success of your organisation.
So, if you would like to free yourself from the deluge of data threatening to swamp your business or if you are unsure that the data you have is what you need to understand your business - then we should be talking.  

QGate's Mission

"To understand our customers' data,  make it more effective,  grow their business and ours."


 We are QGate, We Understand Data

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