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Sure Step methodology

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QGate's teams follow Microsoft's proven Sure Step methodology in all software projects

QGate's Project Implementations

The Dynamics Sure Step practices have been used by Microsoft and its partners around the world, in projects of all sizes from initial pre-sales engagement through to roll out and ongoing support.

It is a scalable and flexible methodology that can be used in both agile and waterfall project deliveries, and for different types of software - at QGate, we use it for CRM and BI solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology

Our experience of using the Sure Step methodology to deliver our solutions has been very positive. Common project risks are minimised by this methodology, which provides a good balance between users' changing requirements and the realities of the budget and initial requirements.

Sure Step helps us Make CRM Work, on-time, on-budget and on-spec. Watch this video to learn more about the Critical Success Factors of a CRM implementation.

The Approach

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology Structure

This apparently complex graphic is in fact, a well mapped-out path that breaks down all implementation steps, including post-delivery stages, making them easier to follow throughout the project.

Sure Step is an end to end methodology, starting in the early pre-sales discussions through to the ongoing support of the solution. It is scalable and supports QGate' low risk implementation approach. It is delivered by QGate’s Certified Sure Step practitioners.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out more on this proven methodology.

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