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CRM Critical Success Factor 5: The Right Technology

Why look for the right technology “The best technology in the world does NOT guarantee the BEST CRM project.”  – Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate   When choosing the technology that’s going to be the platform for your CRM implementation, I think there are broadly three categories to think about: Build-it from the ground up […]

CRM Critical Success Factor 4: The Right CRM Partner

Why look for help?  “To avoid the pitfalls and BENEFIT from others’ experiences to achieve a better SOLUTION.” – Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate Are you thinking of looking outside of your own organisation for help with your CRM?  If so, consider what sort of CRM partner or company you would like to work with. […]

CRM Critical Success Factor 3: The Data Factor

 “Data is the LIFE BLOOD of a CRM System. The QUALITY of the data directly relates to the overall HEALTH of the system.” –  Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate Data Factor:  Why is data so important? Data is unquestionably the lifeblood of a CRM system.  If your data is unhealthy, your CRM will definitely suffer.  Unfortunately, […]

CRM Critical Success Factor 2: CRM Implementation Approach

Why is a good CRM Implementation Approach required? “To avoid the big bang approach and manage an evolution style phase implementation.” – Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate Isn’t that just project management? No, what we are talking about here is really having a CRM implementation approach that takes you from your initial ideas, help you […]

CRM Critical Success Factor 1: CRM Executive Sponsorship

Why is CRM Executive Sponsorship a Critical Success Factor? “CRM should be implemented in support of the business goals, aims and strategy. The Executive Team should be actively involved in driving CRM as a strategic tool to help achieve these objectives.” – Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate Over the years, we have come to realise […]

The Five CRM Critical Success Factors

Why are there five CRM Critical Success Factors? “Without having these other four factors in place to provide a foundation, the best technology in the world is not going to guarantee you a successful CRM implementation.” Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate Over the last couple of decades, myself and the QGate team have worked with […]

Gartner CRM Market 2013 report – how relevant is it to SMBs?

I have just seen the recent summary report of the CRM market from Gartner.     For those not aware of Gartner, they are one of a number of companies who carry out independent reviews of technology and markets.  They offer reports on technology markets growth results and expectations.  They also provide reviews and opinions of […]