Monthly Archives: April 2015

What’s in a title? – Naming Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise

As a System Administrator, I have been responsible for setting up many deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  It would be easy for me to give them names like “CRM Live Org” or “CRM Live Org v2” but this won’t help others identify which organisation to use.  So what’s the best naming convention to use? Why […]

Business Intelligence: Guided Analytics v. Self-Service Analytics

In today’s business arena, traditional Business Intelligence (BI) approaches are struggling to keep up the pace of ever-changing data.  Read this article on the pros and cons of Guided Analytics v. Self-Service Analytics. Traditional BI capability was in the hands of just a few specialists and data was only accessible to a few decision-making managers. This […]

How to actually improve BI user adoption in 4 steps

BI user adoption is a key measure of success in Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives.  79% of companies in a Gleansight Benchmark Report on BI used ‘number of active users’ as a metric for measuring the ROI of BI. So what can you do to boost BI user adoption (and ROI)?  Check out the 4 steps […]

What is Business Intelligence (and Why Should You Care)?

If you have read any technological articles or blogs within the last few years no doubt you have come across the terms Business Intelligence (BI), business or data discovery, business analytics or even big data. Apparently, these are all the “next big thing” in the business world. So what do these terms mean and why should you […]

Salesfusion a Finalist for SIIA Software CODiE Award

We are excited to announce that Salesfusion has been named a finalist for the 2015 SIIA Software CODiE Award for Best Marketing Automation Solution.  This award recognises the best solution for automating, managing and deploying marketing campaigns to customers, prospects and/or partners. Winners will be announced during a virtual awards ceremony on May 7, 2015. […]

Nucleus Research Once Again Recognises Infor as a Leader in CRM

We are pleased to announce that Nucleus Research has recognised Infor CRM as a Leader in their Technology Value Matrix for Customer Relationship Management for the second time. Infor was previously acknowledged as a CRM leader in the 2nd half of 2014 because of the continued investment in user interface design and the acquisition of […]

The 5 Questions you Need to Ask When You Research BI Solutions

BI Solutions Introduction The folks at Gleanster said it best in their Benchmark Report 2014: “When investing in technology, your evaluation process should account for how the offering fits your business needs, not the other way around.” There are a lot of features and functions to compare between Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, but chances are […]