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CEGA Air Ambulance Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Save Lives and Streamline Processes

When a company is in the business of saving lives, streamlining processes to better serve customers becomes extremely important.  We’re pleased to share the story of how we helped CEGA Air Ambulance do just that. What did CEGA need from CRM? CEGA is an international medical assistance business that provides risk management for Travel Insurers […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Database Size Increase

In most deployments, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM database will sit quite happily in SQL server without bothering anyone, especially when SharePoint is used to store attachments, auditing is not enabled, and workflows are seldom used.  However, not all CRM databases are subject to such harmony as I have recently experienced. The Scenario It was Microsoft Dynamics […]

CEGA Air Ambulance Uses CRM to Save Lives

This week, our customer, CEGA Air Ambulance, and their CRM project is the subject of a Tech Week Europe article. CEGA is one of a few UK services that transport critically ill patients back from abroad, a process that involves a lot of time-consuming paperwork in a time-sensitive situation. When Jackie Gillard, services manager at CEGA, […]

Why User Driven Analytics are Good for Retail

Today’s retail industry moves faster and is influenced by more factors than ever before.  To stay competitive, retailers need to empower business users with real-time analysis. The power of User-Driven Analytics provides many benefits for today’s retailers. Discover how Business Intelligence Tools can help to provide more insight into customers and their buying habits by […]

Get Off the Fence: 4 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

Why you need Marketing Automation To many marketers, tracking the buying journeys of your prospects is difficult at best and impossible at worst.  Marketing automation (MA) software helps keep you involved in that journey from beginning to end. If you’re reading this article you are already interested in marketing automation, even if you’re not quite […]

5 Things Every Company Should Have Before Investing in Marketing Automation

Marketing automation (MA) is the industry’s new buzzword, especially in conjunction with content and inbound marketing.  If you are thinking of investing in Marketing Automation software, there are some factors you should consider. This article covers the 5 things plan for before deciding on a marketing automation platform, including a strategy, adequate content, sales-marketing alignment, […]

Three Ways to Fail at Marketing Automation

We are the first people to tell you that marketing automation software should help you manage your time more effectively.  When done correctly, marketing automation can take time-consuming and manual marketing processes out of your hands, freeing you up for other duties.  But what happens when you trust your software too much? Despite the name, […]