Monthly Archives: April 2018

4 steps for a successful CRM deployment

  Read our article on what you need to consider for a successful CRM deployment and project. You’ve been given a shiny new CRM system to deliver throughout your company… CRM deployment – where do you start? For some people, this is a dream come true, for others it’s a nightmare. And the stats don’t […]

Why invest in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions?

  All businesses with a keen eye on spending will rightly ask “Why invest in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions?”  Many business systems bundle some reporting capability but rarely do these provide sufficient information.  It can be frustrating when a team has processes setup that is recording volumes of data which is then not available to […]

Why is buying CRM like building a house? – Part 1

Buying CRM So it starts with a common conversation: CRM Partner:  “So you are thinking of putting a CRM system in place” Buyer: “Yes we are, how much will it cost?” CRM Partner: “Well, I cannot give you an indication of cost until we understand a little more about your requirements” Buyer:  “Well I thought […]