Monthly Archives: March 2019

Upcoming Licensing Changes to Dynamics 365 Storage

The way to purchase Dynamics 365 storage is becoming more granular, and the cost for adding additional instances is being removed. Published:  March, 2019 What’s happening? Storage in Dynamics 365 is changing, effective of 1st April 2019. Dynamics 365 storage is becoming more granular and there will be different types available. As opposed to simply […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Updates

The process for applying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Updates is changing, read on for details. April 2019 Dynamics 365 Update Published:  March, 2019 As of the April 2019 Dynamics 365 update, customers will no longer be able to choose when their system is updated. Updates will be applied automatically at set periods. Customers with Dynamics 365 […]