Implementing a CRM solution  often requires an exercise in examining (and challenging) how you currently work, the systems that support that work, and the expectations of your clients or business partners. Are you ready for CRM?

How do you get ready for CRM?

QGate specialises in implementing Enterprise-class CRM solutions that work and they do so by working with companies to make sure they are ready for a CRM solution. For a CRM project to succeed, you need:

  • A communications plans that articulates why you are investing in a CRM solution.
  • Credible and authoritative executive sponsorship that empowers the whole company.
  • Documents that describe how the system will be used and what data it will need.
  • Realistic and measurable objectives with a clear business case.
  • A CRM project community that champions your cause.

Through QGate’s CRM services  we can work with you on these key success factors to mitigate risk and work towards the agreed objectives, and to succeed by having the above in place.

How do companies articulate a CRM need?


  1. A need to grow revenues or reduce costs associated with duplicated effort or other inefficiencies in the “front office” functions
  2. A need to improve client retention or reduce cost of client acquisition
  3. A need to improve decision making through improved reporting and real-time visibility of operations


  1. A need for a centralised source of reliable information on clients, business partners, prospects and/or suppliers
  2. A need for easy access to relevant information and easy to use reporting facilities
  3. A need for information integrated from other sources to complete the picture of their customer
  4. A need to automate processes or critical alerts to reduce errors or missed opportunities
  5. A need to comply with GDPR, with a centrally managed system always making this easier

Companies use CRM solutions for driving measurable improvements across all customer management processes

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