How can you help your Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to understand the importance of Structure and Security?

Our new training course explains how Business Units, Teams and Security Roles are employed within Dynamics 365 to create and maintain an effective CRM system

One of the most important concepts behind the set up and use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an understanding of structure and security. Key to a CRM’s success is the way in which it is structured, from the top-level business unit down to the security roles of the individual users.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

It may be argued that these concepts are more for developers and administrators to consider and set up, however it is often useful for those working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to have a wider understanding of the context within which their role sits, giving them a greater appreciation of the wider business. An understanding of security within the system is also an advantage to users being fully engaged with a CRM.

With this in mind, QGate has developed an off-the-shelf training course aimed at end users and new administrators who are required to have a basic concept of Business Units, Teams and Security Roles within Dynamics 365 in order to create and maintain an effective CRM system.

Training Course: An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – Business Units, Teams and Security Roles

The course focuses on introducing users to the basic concepts of creating and using Business Units, Teams and Security Roles within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Users will understand how to create and maintain an effective CRM system through the core concepts of the CRM management model. The course also looks at hierarchical relationships in terms of Account Ownership and Cascading Rules as well as an overview on the workings of security.

The course covers:

Structure and Security in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training
  • Creating and Editing Business Units
  • Users and Teams in Dynamics 365
  • Security Roles in Dynamics 365
  • Managing Security for Roles, Records and Fields in Dynamics 365

Account Ownership and Cascading Rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training
  • Parent and Child Record Relationships
  • Relationship Behaviour and Changing Cascading Rules
  • Changing Ownership for Records Belonging to a User

This and other QGate training courses are produced with the versatile content creation tool, ClickLearn. Alongside the core training material, you will receive tasks for your users to complete (ideally in a demo instance or sandbox environment), quiz questions that can be used for assessment and PDF documentation to support your users with their learning whichever delivery format you choose from:

  • Face to face / online training
  • LMS ready SCORM Files for training and testing
  • A ClickLearn Portal with video and downloadable content

View further information including full course details, pricing and how to book here

QGate offers a range of training courses and bespoke learning solutions.

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