Marketing Intern in the IT Industry

Are you new to the IT industry and considering a Marketing role? This article sits down with QGate’s newest members to find out their thoughts so far…
marketing intern in IT industry

In the last six months, QGate has welcomed two new members into the company’s Sales and Marketing department. As recent graduates new to the industry, we thought it would be interesting to quiz them on how they have settled in and what they make of the IT and software space so far.

The second Q&A in this series of interviews was with our Marketing Intern Sam Gray. A Lancaster University graduate with a degree in English Language, Sam has been with us since October 2019 in what is his first full-time work position. At 22 years of age, these are his experiences of the software and marketing industry so far:



1. What attracted you to a position in marketing?

Whilst studying for my degree I developed a strong passion for language and how it can be manipulated in different ways to communicate a message most effectively. Advertising is a good example of this as every day we encounter promotional campaigns run by businesses designed to draw our attention to their products or services. It’s the creativity of some of these projects which inspired me to apply for a marketing role, to see if I too could come up with strategies innovative enough to engage audiences and build a company brand.

2. What have been the key things you have learnt since joining QGate?

One of the most valuable things I have learnt is to post social media content regardless of how witty, engaging, or educational you think it might be. Most tend to prefer the quality over quantity approach to marketing, however, by increasing QGate’s output on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn it has enabled me to identify (through the number of impressions) which kinds of posts are best received by audiences. I can then work on creating new content which follows a similar formula and one which will hopefully produce a great return on engagement. Quantity breeds quality!

3. The Microsoft world is rapidly changing, how have you found trying to stay on top of things when coming up with ideas to promote QGate?

That’s correct, there are never two days the same in this industry with the rate at which technology is developing often making it difficult to keep up with what’s new! To combat this, every week I set aside some time to read as widely as possible on what’s going on in the Microsoft world, which also helps with keeping QGate’s social media pages filled with up-to-date content. When it comes to new ideas, I’m always on the lookout for the latest internet trends and thinking about how I can adapt them so that they’re relatable to QGate’s audience.

4. How have you found your time at QGate so far and what have been some of your highlights?

My experience with QGate has been nothing but positive. My colleagues are always happy to help if I have a question and I love how the size of the company allows me to be involved with many different areas of business. Some highlights would definitely be a few of the industry events I have been lucky enough to attend, whether that be at the headquarters of an F1 racing team or the Crystal Maze in London.

5. What advice would you give to somebody at university looking to get into marketing?

I would suggest keeping a record or portfolio of any work they’ve produced to show potential employers, whether that be articles they’ve written for the university newspaper or memes they created for a society’s Instagram page. You need a way of backing up what you say you’re capable of in your CV! If you want to go a step further, look for opportunities that will provide you with relevant marketing experience, even if its just shadowing someone in an agency for a week.

Our first interview was with George Dourish. You can read his New to the IT industry interview here.

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