New to the IT industry?

Are you new to the IT industry? This article sits down with QGate’s newest members to find out their thoughts so far…

Read our short interview with George Dourish, who is new to the IT industry.

New to IT industry

In the last six months, QGate has welcomed two new members into the company’s Sales and Marketing department. As recent graduates new to the industry, we thought it would be interesting to quiz them on how they have settled in and what they make of the IT and software space so far. The first of those Q&As was with the latest of the two recruits George Dourish. George joined the QGate team in the role of Business Development Consultant from the Royal Navy, having previously studied Geography at the University of Chester. Here’s what he had to say:



1. What skills did you learn in the Navy that helped to prepare you for work in the IT industry?
I would say that the people skills I picked up have been really beneficial. You need to be comfortable and willing to speak to people on a range of topics that you may not necessarily be an expert on yourself! Another, and arguably more important skill, would be the ability to adapt and change your targets at short notice. The Navy is great at that, and I would say that in the IT world you need that skill even more so!

2. How have you found your first two months of getting to grips with the software you had never used before?
It’s been great! The first 2/3 weeks were a steep learning curve, getting used to a range of platforms and the theories behind Sales, as well as getting to know the QGate products. But I’ve got to say that the training put in place by the company made that transition pretty smooth. QGate is a tight-knit team, and everybody has been really helpful and positive since I joined, which helps when you’re settling in.

3. What is your favourite thing about your role as a Business Development Consultant?
I think the variety the role provides. You’re juggling a lot of different aspects at once, which is exciting, and it keeps you on your toes. I’ve been able to gain an understanding of how each area of the company operates which is key. One day you can be meeting clients and discussing projects, and the next you’re on a flight up to Edinburgh for a Dynamics 365 User Group Summit to see what your partners are up to. That’s what I love most.

4. If you could change one thing about your job what would it be?
It’s hard to say because at the moment I’m just enjoying learning everything that’s coming my way and getting into a routine. I think with the current climate it’s quite difficult to get out and about to meet clients, but I’m sure that will pick up again as soon as things get back to normal. Maybe if you come back to me in 3 months once the dust has settled I’ll have a better answer to that one!

5. Has working for QGate changed your opinion on Sales, and if so how?
It’s definitely changed my opinion on Sales. Before I think I looked at Sales from a stereotypical point of view. But now I’ve been on the other side of the fence, I see that it’s a crucial part of the business and the people involved in it are ultimately trying to put food on the table. Everybody I’ve worked with since I started has been really friendly and supportive, which is great. And after a while you become passionate about your company and their products, so it’s natural to want everybody else to think the same thing!

Our second interview in this series was with Sam Gray. You can read his Marketing Intern in the IT industry article here.

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