Qlik Sense Overview

One of Qlik Sense’s key strengths is its flexibility.  It allows you to type in search strings to uncover data relationships and information in places you didn’t think to look, prompting you along the way so you can react to problems quickly.  This software lets business users explore data and answer questions about the business on demand without waiting on IT to create or update their visualisation apps, yet provides your IT team with centralised control and robust governance.  It lets you solve these problems in real time, automatically adapting from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

According to Qlik CTO and Senior Vice President of Products, Anthony Deighton, “The problem with self-service BI has always been that you either get rich BI capability with weak usability or a very approachable product with limited analysis capability…with Qlik Sense we set out to change that.  That’s why we built it on the second generation of our patented associative data indexing engine but gave it a rich, modern visualisation front end that is intuitive, yet powerful.”

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