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ClickLearn article

ClickLearn Embedded Assistance

Read how ClickLearn embedded assistance can be integrated with your Dynamics 365 solution.
The material produced with ClickLearn can be embedded directly into your user interface, taking away the need for expensive face to face training, time-consuming training manuals and endless updating of materials.

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ClickLearn article

Creating ClickLearn Content

With its high quality content and versatile resources, ClickLearn is the simple solution to all your help and training needs. This article explains how to create ClickLearn content – training portals and online help.

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Dynamics 365 Team License

Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Release Plan

Following the biannual continuous release program for Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates, the ‘October 2019 release notes’ have had their terminology changed to ‘Dynamics 365 wave 2 release plan’ to better describe the deployment.

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CRM article

CRM training has changed

CRM training is changing… Well trained users provide a faster ROI, improved efficiency, user adoption and satisfaction. Read this article to understand the change and to learn about modern CRM training platforms.

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