Preparing for CRM – Outputs

Starting with the end in mind is a good way of thinking when considering your processes. A good check and balance on both the processes and the data considerations is a list of required outputs.

When preparing for CRM, the Five key CRM outputs to consider are:

  1. What primary Metrics are you aiming to measure (keep this limited 5 max.)
  2. What Dashboards you’ll need to display the data
  3. What Documents you’ll need to produce
  4. What Reports you’ll need to generate
  5. What specific Lists of information will help your business function; e.g. the Contact lists that contain the information required to support your marketing activities

What is Dynamics 365 for Sales - DashboardYou do not, and should not, get into huge detail at this stage. It is almost impossible to define in detail every report, dashboard, or any of the other items mentioned here.

Realistically the details will work themselves out as you go live and thereafter.  However, having some consideration of the sort of output you need will help to assess if your processes capture the data required to support the above.

We recommend that every system should be implemented with the aim of providing a couple of key metrics as part of the overall project objectives, i.e. Leads per Month, Opportunities closed, Cases resolved.  You should use these at a high level to assess business performance, and to some extent, your CRM’s ROI.

Use a trailing monthly chart to provide an instant view of your progress: see here for more information on these charts.

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