Preparing for CRM – Requirements

Now you know what you want to achieve (and the processes/data required to do so) you’re in a great position to draft your Requirements.

Depending on your planned approach to procuring a system and potentially selecting a partner or putting a team together to implement, ensure you share the information and background created from:

  • Your Project Objectives, Goals
  • Process mapping
  • Looking at the data required
  • Deciding the Outputs you require
  • Assessing your priorities

Sharing the thinking behind your requirements really helps whoever is to implement the system assess how best to design a solution for you.  They should be asking a lot of “why” questions, and the background will help to provide some answers.

Preparing for CRM - Requirements

Set up meetings so that all parties have the opportunity to further clarify elements or discuss options before a final proposal.  This helps both parties work towards a functionally satisfactory and cost acceptable solution more effectively.

Even if you have a good technical knowledge of your intended solution, try not to make too many product-specific requirements.  Technology moves at such a pace that there’s always new, sometimes more cost/time effective ways of achieving your goals.  Work with your partner/ implementation team to decide the best way forward for your business now and in the near future.  Being too prescriptive can lead to a less than optimal system.

You should now be well prepared to embark on a successful and beneficial implementation project – Good luck.

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