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Uncover Real Business Insights

7 Signs you’re not getting the whole story from your data If you’re like us, you are probably collecting data from a number of different sources, but are you getting the whole story from your data?  Here’s how to uncover real business insights. 1) You dread the question “Why?” A common scenario with many companies […]

Business Intelligence Case Study: Norad Travel

This Business Intelligence case study for Norad Travel highlights how they achieved great results. Introducing Norad Travel   Norad Travel provides travel management support to their corporate and leisure customers for all of their travel requirements. Norad’s people, technology and extensive industry experience have helped them to provide a world class service that has positioned them as one […]

Business Intelligence: Data speaks, but do we understand?

Successful Organisations The data that organisations gather over time can provide fundamental detail about the success of the business processes put into place. Business Intelligence solutions are not about making the decisions for management; it’s about supporting them with enough evidence for accurate decisions to be made. This detail can include anything from industry movements, […]