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Uncover Real Business Insights

7 Signs you’re not getting the whole story from your data If you’re like us, you are probably collecting data from a number of different sources, but are you getting the whole story from your data?  Here’s how to uncover real business insights. 1) You dread the question “Why?” A common scenario with many companies […]

The new capabilities and improvements to QlikView 12 are here!

A strong platform foundation – QlikView 12   The launch of QlikView 12 brings the advantage of having the complete Qlik product portfolio on the same engine. This enables Qlik to deliver greater compatibility between their products, and ensure that future investments made in the Qlik Data Indexing (QIX) engine will benefit both QlikView and […]

LUSH Cosmetics – Latest QGate Customer Success Story

Our Qlik and Lush Cosmetics deployment represents real-life examples of how our fast path workshop can enable companies to do great things quickly, using their own internal resources and without incurring large external consulting costs.  Here is an overview of this success story: This latest customer success story has received a lot of press coverage and has […]

Business Intelligence: Data speaks, but do we understand?

Successful Organisations The data that organisations gather over time can provide fundamental detail about the success of the business processes put into place. Business Intelligence solutions are not about making the decisions for management; it’s about supporting them with enough evidence for accurate decisions to be made. This detail can include anything from industry movements, […]