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QGate CRM Success Program

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9 Steps to a successful CRM project

Your successful CRM project starts here

Have you been asked to implement and deploy a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for your organisation? Are you unsure where to start? The QGate CRM Success Program will educate and walk you through the phases required to deliver a successful CRM System.

As with many new technical solution projects, the risks can be high and unknown, a CRM implementation is no different. As experienced CRM professionals, we are here to help you with this task, and why we have built the QGate CRM Success Program, a roadmap, to help introduce you and your business to a successful CRM solution.

What is the QGate CRM Success Program?

The QGate Success Program has been designed as a methodology providing advanced visibility of what’s involved in a CRM implementation, providing clear simple steps to achieve that goal. It is split down into the 9 phases we believe are required to deliver a successful CRM solution. Providing guidance, tools and importantly the freedom to choose the vendor and technology that suits your unique business needs.

The QGate CRM Success Program has the following:

Based on our 22+ years of experience, we believe these are the key foundations to ensuring your CRM implementation is successful, further detail of the Program and these foundations can be found in What is the QGate CRM Success Program?

QGate CRM Success Program

"The QGate CRM Success Program has blown me away... A fantastic customer experience"

Emma Mills, Marketing Consultant, FG Marketing

"This readiness check is seriously impressive. I’ve not seen anything like this from any other provider. Credit to you and the team, I can see this as a huge value add"

Amanda Sokell, Business Mentor

Are you ready for CRM?

What do you need to get started?

These are questions you may be asking yourself, if you have been tasked with implementing a new CRM system into your organisation.

Our CRM Readiness Assessment will help

We have a tool that has been designed specifically to help answer these questions - QGate CRM Readiness Assessment. At the end of this 10 minute questionnaire you will receive a report on how ready you are. Do not worry if you do not have all the answers at this time, the assessment will highlight the areas that you need to focus on to proceed to the next step.

Start your journey now!

Take the CRM Readiness Assessment now

We are here to help

If you have any questions, or want help in using any part of the QGate CRM Success Program, please contact us.

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