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Have you been tasked with implementing a new CRM solution for your organisation?

Are you wondering where to start?

QGate’s CRM Readiness Assessment will help you...

The CRM Readiness Assessment is one of the tools designed by QGate for the first stage in our CRM Success Program – Preparation. It is a short assessment providing gap analysis of where you are today and where you need to be tomorrow to start your CRM project.

We ask a series of multiple-choice questions which will enable a benchmark to be established of where you are in terms of your readiness to commence a CRM implementation.

Upon completion, a free report will be emailed to you detailing what information you and your organisation need to focus on gathering (and documenting) in order to start your CRM implementation journey. Enabling you to credibly and confidently discuss your requirements with any CRM vendor.

Why use the CRM Readiness Assessment?

The CRM Readiness Assessment tool has 2 key objectives:

1. To provide you with an assessment of where your organisation is in terms of readiness for starting a CRM implementation.

2. Provide step by step guidance and recommended free tools recommended (and how to do it) in preparation for your CRM project.

Put simply, it will get you started on the first steps of your CRM implementation journey and help you continue to the next phases.

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