QGate Breeze

This section outlines the product release notes and version history for the QGate Breeze Application Framework (the supporting hosting component for products and services such as intelli-CTi).

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Current Release

Version Details


Release Date: September 2014

New Features

  • Added ability for additional configuration options that can be read by Breeze Services and/or Service Extensions
  • Will now only restart a service if it hasn’t already stopped
    (in which case, it starts it)
  • Now all AppDomains explicitly use the same “app.config” file


  • Now closes the Breeze Client proxy when getting Breeze status
  • Fixed issue where Breeze Service configuration XML formatting would get lost

Revision History

Version Details


Release Date: April 2014

New Features

  • Added ability to include a “Help Link” to Breeze event message windows
  • Added progress indicator when loading/reloading services on Config screen


  • Improved Breeze bar positioning (especially with multiple screens and resolutions)
  • Fixed “Primary” screen logic and when first run
  • Resolved permissions issues with auto-upgrading from old config locations
  • Improved core Breeze service inter-communication performance
  • Breeze client API “StartBreeze()” fixed to call the correct executable


Release Date: October 2013

New Features

  • Windows 8 compatible
  • Implement Context messaging via Client API for 3rd party apps to report context to the Breeze framework
  • Configuration file restructured – separation of Config/User settings and storage location (ProgramData vs. AppData)
  • Added a separate Config .EXE (using a single executable)
  • Core Breeze framework now executes within a separate AppDomain
    (enabling future “auto-update” support)


  • Updated UI to reflect when Medium (125%) display is enabled
  • Resolved issue with Windows screen resolution changing at runtime
  • Further improvements to the Breeze content positioning code to resolve intermittent display issues (Z-order)


Release Date: April 2013

New Features

  • Added a default time-out (10 seconds) to Restart Service prompt
  • Improved Breeze content positioning to resolve some display issues


  • Display issue where locking the PC would auto-collapse sidebar
  • Incorrect file version being displayed in Breeze logs
  • About screen click handlers (clicks wouldn’t always close the form)


Release Date: December 2012

New Features

  • Breeze now supports “pinning” to user’s desktop
  • Implemented ToolbarButton positioning
  • Improved logging to “roll-over” when too large (up to 3 logs)
  • Improved memory management
  • Updated the 3rd Party Developer API
Release Notes

Complete Revision History

For the complete revision history release notes for this product, please see the following Release Notes document.

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