Summary: An informative article providing instructions for QGate customers and partners on how to use the QTIP issue based logging system
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What is the QGate Testing Issue Portal?

QTIP is QGate’s internet based issue logging system for project and software related work that has not yet ‘Gone Live’ (e.g Beta releases).

It enables all parties to have visibility of the issues that have arisen and monitor their progress to resolution.

The QTIP site is available here:

Using the QTIP System

Once you have logged in to the QTIP Site, you will see the QTIP welcome screen.

Here you will find a summary of Cases on the left-hand side of the screen and tasks that you can perform in the centre.

When you log on you will see the QTIP welcome screen, with a summary of Cases and tasks that you can perform.

The QTIP Welcome Screen

Opening a New Case

To log a new issue, click on New Case and a blank template will display for you to fill in.

To log a new issue, select New Case and fill in the template.

To log a new issue, select New Case and fill in the template.

Once you are happy with the content, click OK.

An email will automatically be sent to the Primary Contact notifying them of an issue that needs their attention.

Listing Existing Cases

If you choose List Cases you will see a list of all the current issues logged and their current status. You can change the priority of them, add comments or close them.

If an issue is assigned to you, you have made updates and now believe the issue is with QGate, you can change the assigned to field back to QGate again. In this case the priority will default back to 7 (the least urgent) but you can change this accordingly.

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