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Standard Way
Fareham Hampshire
PO16 8XT
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0) 1329 222 800
E: info@QGate.co.uk

T: +44 (0) 1329 222 802
E: support@QGate.co.uk


Streamline your sales and marketing organisations

Salesfusion gives fast-growing and mid-size companies intuitive tools to engage audiences and measure marketing success. With Salesfusion, you will have the resources to amplify your marketing efforts and exceed goals.

Attract & Capture: Salesfusion tracks and audits SEO, social and clicks to grow your email list.

  • Pull more visitors to your website and follow the digital breadcrumbs to learn where they interact most and how best to nurture them.

Create Campaigns: Build emails, landing pages, and more without the need of a developer.

  • Salesfusion's drag and drop editors and intuitive nurture workflows give you full control over campaign design and management.

Streamline the lead process: Get your strongest leads in the best hands sooner.

  • Help your sales teams prioritise leads, so they can build on marketing's momentum, converting leads faster and more frequently.

Analyse results: Decipher data instantly with no slogging through spreadsheets.

  • Discover what tactics are working, and which are not, with an easy to filter view of your important analytics.

Software with a service: Accelerate success with Salesfusion's guidance and campaign execution.

  • If manpower is a problem and holding you back from executing at a higher level, tap into Salesfusion's practical experience and expertise to execute efficiently and effectively when the stakes are high.

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