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aBILLity integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM

Bring your CRM system and billing solution together

QGate has engineered two solutions for the de-facto telecomms billing platform, aBILLity from Union Street to integrate aBILLity to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The aBILLity billing platform, from Union Street, has been developed over many years to provide a total solution for billing, analysis of Call Detail Records (CDRs), provisioning, real-time analysis, fraud prevention and interfaces for accounts and CRM packages.

aBILLity is a tried and trusted solution, used by 450 communication providers as the bedrock of their network service operations.

QGate's Billing Integration solutions 

QGate have developed two solutions that bring Microsoft Dynamics 365 and aBILLity together:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration for aBILLity - Standard Solution

This Standard Solution for integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM with aBILLity addresses a major challenge for communication providers: ensuring that customer related information is aligned between back office and front end systems, and available to every user, in a single view.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration fro aBILLity - Sales Order Process

This Sales Order Process (SOP) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM and aBILLity has been designed to streamline the ordering process, dramatically reducing the sales cycle.


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