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LinkPoint Connect

Work with Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrated email and CRM applications: LinkPoint Connect allows users to continue to work in Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes while updating records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM without creating duplicate data.

Stop switching between email and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

LinkPoint360 email integration tools make Microsoft Dynamics CRM users more productive while also boosting CRM adoption throughout an organisation.

End users are able to view, record, create, and sync content between Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with minimal change to how they work throughout the day. By staying primarily in their email, users are more efficient, and LinkPoint Connect ensures that data is added or updated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for real-time visibility.

Managers and CRM administrators take advantage of LinkPoint Connect’s flexibility. Customers can request custom installer files that include specific pre-configuration, removing or locking down features or including preset settings that ensure users across the organisation leverage LinkPoint Connect consistently.

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