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Address Management

Address Management with loqate

loqate offers global address verification and geocoding technology providing a faster and easier way to verify and enrich data. Address verification from Loqate is the most reliable way to capture accurate address data and ensure data quality in your systems.

Why use Address Management?

What if you could make it easier for your customers or staff to enter an address, improve the quality of your data and increase conversions?

  • Ensure data quality - Get accurate customer address data at every point, from entry, capture in your web and ePOS forms reducing the need to clean it.
  • Improved operations - Address verification ensures services and deliveries can be completed, improves business intelligence and sales and marketing activities.
  • Improved user experience - Website usability and reduce cart or form abandonment improves with a quicker way to enter address details.
  • Global Capabilities - Capture, standardise, verify, cleanse and format address data for all countries with a single easy to integrate API
  • Improve user efficiently - Reduce address entry time by up to 78% and cut back data entry errors at point of capture by more than 20%

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