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Mobile Workforce Management with Resco Cloud

The all-in-one sales & field service mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM. Close deals & cases faster. Increase sales quotas and quicken lifecycles.

Why make your CRM mobile?

Mobile CRM supports different activities of customer relationship management such as, data collection, targeting, segmenting, analysis, and even conducting marketing campaigns. Having this mobility is an asset as you can monitor, create, and delegate all on the go.


Ease of access to crucial information

Why go mobile when it comes to CRM? You can take your work with you, wherever you go, no boundaries, no limits, work offline, even when you don’t have a network to connect to, just sync up when you do.

  • Increase Sales Quotas
    Research by Innoppl Technologies shows how 65% of sales reps who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to just 22% of reps from non-Mobile CRM enabled companies.
  • Shorten Sales, Field Service & Marketing Lifecycles
    Shorter sales cycles by closing faster with fewer interactions, allowing your executives to work on more new opportunities to increase revenues.
  • Quicker interactions with clients
    No need to hurry back to the office to get feedback, information on products in stock, product documentation, contracts, orders… It’s all there in the palm of your hands, at all times.
  • Streamlined lead management
    Get to your leads while they’re hot, and keep them that way. Contact and qualify as soon as you get your alerts on your mobile device.
  • Painless data collection
    Don’t wait to return to your desk after a long day just to enter your meeting notes – do them AT your meetings, over coffee, in the elevator. Time is money, spend it wisely, and get home faster.

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