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ClickLearn as a Service

Train and provide 24/7 support to your users with ClickLearn as a Service


One of the biggest threats to the success of any system is the lack of training in your system leading to poor user adoption

Face-to-face training is expensive, time-consuming. Creating supporting documentation is tedious and is out of date as soon as any system changes are made. Tasks that are not carried out regularly get forgotten. Users may only be able to get help when the support desk is operating, and not when they are using the system. For example, on shifts, or in a different time zone etc.

Hand me down, or Chinese whisper training kicks in, leading to new users being poorly educated in the system or inventing their own ways of using it.

You simply may not have the time or resource to solve these common issues.

However, there is an answer - ClickLearn as a Service from QGate.

ClickLearn as a Service by QGate

ClickLearn as a Service from QGate

ClickLearn is a powerful e-learning authoring and publishing solution

QGate is a ClickLearn Authorised UK Partner

QGate can deliver custom ClickLearn content on almost ANY software solution to provide initial user online training as well as ongoing 24/7 user assistance.

We have experienced training content creation and skilled ClickLearn resources that can quickly and effectively create tailored e-learning content for you, published as an online portal.

As part of our service you may have as many portals as you need with specific content covering a variety of requirements including:

  • Initial training for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) testers
  • Induction training for new users
  • Ongoing 24/7 assistance for existing users

This service is priced at a low per user per month cost – starting at £2 PUPM, with an initial content creation engagement. Further content updates can be provided via a content managed service, or as a further one-off content creation engagement.

Add your own knowledge

As part of the service you can contribute to the content with background information, policy guidance etc., or have direct input to the step recording process.

The QGate ClickLearn as a Service includes a set of standard content for:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
  • Microsoft Business Central

Proof of Concept

QGate also offer a no charge Proof of Concept of your own solution's training materials. Contact us for details.

QGate's bespoke e-learning training and assistance, powered by ClickLearn, is the answer to ensuring user satisfaction and adoption. Users can take advantage of clear, accurate, and up to date guidance, 24/7

ClickLearn Portal

Find out more about ClickLearn

ClickLearn Content Authoring Service

This is a fixed number of days as agreed (either 5 or 10), depending on the initial scope of the content for the initial ClickLearn Portal(s).

The initial ClickLearn Authoring services engagement includes:

  • A ClickLearn Planning Session to:
    • Confirm required portal types (Training/Admin/Production/Dept/Language etc.)
    • Agree portal “branding”
    • Agree media types to be available in each portal
    • Agree access points for the portals in Dynamics 365 (App specific etc.)
    • Agree structure of each portal
    • Detail areas of custom content verses standard content
    • Agree list of each custom process to be recorded
    • Detail background content required and how customer or partner will provide that
    • Plan approach and timing to co-author custom content and delivery
    • Plan customer or partner review/sign off content
  • Content recording
  • Content editing and enhancements
  • Content enrichment – adding background content
  • Content review and publish to portal for review by customer or partner
  • Content refinement
  • Portal(s) delivery
  • Review further content authoring requirements

ClickLearn Author Training Service

This service provides training to anyone tasked with managing ClickLearn. It covers the following:

  • Planning your portals best practices
  • Structuring your content best practices
  • Storing your source recordings best practices
  • Template/style/branding considerations
  • Planning your recordings
  • Recording hints and tips
  • Managing your output types
  • Publishing
  • Embedding into applications
  • Using the translation capabilities
  • Using Replay effectively
  • Collaboration – how to work with external parties

Have a question? We’re here to help

If you have any questions, or want help in using any part of the QGate's ClickLearn as a Service, please contact us.

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