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ClickLearn Content Authoring Services

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ClickLearn Multi-Language Content Creation Services

We at QGate are experienced in content creation using ClickLearn and have now produced a wealth of generic, pre-prepared content already available for a multitude of different systems including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Infor CRM, Salesforce and other Web and Windows applications. These also include our own ISV solutions, intelli-CTi for telephony and Paribus 365 for duplicate prevention and the merging of duplicate data within a system.

On top of this we produce bespoke support and training resources that we can quickly and effectively publish for you as an online portal. These resources reflect your system, are easy to update as the system changes or progresses and can be produced in multi-lingual formats to suit global deployment. We can embed background information in terms of policies, guidance and procedures which gives users the complete picture of any process they are involved in and how that process fits with the wider business goal.

ClickLearn Content Author Services

In order to maximise support for the end user we take time to plan your bespoke content with you. This includes confirming the number and types of portals required, whether that be just for general help or for onboarding and training. We can even plan and create content for superusers and look at how to restrict access to any materials that may be for those users only. Furthermore, we will also look at the structure of the portals, how content is grouped and arranged, the extent of the customised content and the background information to be added to any process.

The design of the portal will also be discussed in detail. This will include the creation of a template to reflect company branding, use of logos and the types of media that are to be made available as well colour schemes and font types and the digital voice required for the videos. Even the digital assistant can be chosen from a range of available options, or if you have company avatars, these can be used instead.

Once the initial planning and design stages are complete, each piece of content is created using the ClickLearn Studio to record the steps of the process. Then within the studio the next step is to organise, structure and edit the content for you. This is then enriched by the addition of the agreed background content that gives context and information. The end result gives the user all the support and information they need.

ClickLearn Portal Design

When the finalised recordings have been proofread and checked thoroughly, the support and training materials are produced and deployed, then an evaluation is carried out. If there is a requirement for any updates and amendments these can then be planned and implemented as required.

QGate is ClickLearn's first UK Partner

QGate are ClickLearn first UK authorised Partner

Read our ClickLearn Customer Case Story.

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We believe that well trained and supported employees deliver expected ROI on new systems faster. ClickLearn is the simplest and easiest way to educate and assist users​.

To see first-hand how easy it is to incorporate your tailored e-learning materials into your system.

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