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QGate Training Courses

Online training courses for a wide range of business systems

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One of the biggest threats to the success of any system is the lack of training in your system leading to poor user adoption

Training is the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity. In the world of business, training is key to success. Whether you are implementing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, onboarding new users or simply supporting the development of your existing users, access to resources that support and engage your users is of the utmost importance.

QGate Online Training course

Common issues that arise in the world of training include:

Hectic employee schedules and a dispersed workforce

How can you fit hours of training into already busy working days? How can you create engaging materials without the time commitment to do so? With the growing number of remote workers bringing individuals together can be a challenge.

Different learning habits

Not catering to learners who learn in different ways and with different learning styles as well as potentially radical differences in learners use of and understanding of technology.

Lack of engagement and training that is not relevant

Lengthy training where learners emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally lose interest. Training presented in ways which is not user friendly or accessible. Out of date, poorly constructed and insufficiently challenging courses that fail to engage individuals stop learners digesting information that actually is important to them.

Costs, costs and costs

Whilst training budgets are often small, expected outcomes can be significant. Time to create well structured, relevant and engaging materials costs money. It costs even more to release employees to attend that training and more still to pay the expense of them attending a training venue.

Simply put, providing high quality, engaging, consistent training which is accessible to all users is a challenge for any training budget

However, there is an answer – QGate’s Online Training Courses

QGate Training Courses

QGate’s online training courses are designed to implement training to suit the needs of your Dynamics 365 Sales users. Comprehensive content surfaced in a variety of formats ensures you have access to the option that best suits the needs of your business and those that work within it. Whether you require content to upload into a Learning Management System (LMS), instructor led training and development, an online portal full of resources that can also be embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 or any combination of these, QGate’s Training Courses are what you are looking for.

Each course consists of the following:

  • Interactive step by step learning guides to take you through fundamental aspects of Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Practical tasks and exercises to put your learning into practice in Dynamics 365 Sales
  • A selection of quiz questions to further reinforce learning of Dynamics 365 Sales

Each course is available in a selection of formats with consistent content for you to choose from. No matter the format, content is consistent allowing you to also choose multiple options to best suit the needs of you and your users. The formats are:

  • An LMS package including interactive SCORM upload, PDF documents for practical tasks and lists of quiz questions.
  • A ClickLearn Portal with embedded interactive videos, PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents that can also be integrated into live systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Online tutor led training with supporting ClickLearn documentation, tasks and activities.
  • ClickLearn Source Files for ClickLearn authors to adapt and manipulate

Our initial focus has been to provide training courses for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales however we will be expanding our training provision beyond this over time. Please check our course catalogue to see new courses and those coming soon! It is also worth noting that our courses can be translated into over 45 different languages, perfect for companies with global offices.

All of QGate’s Training Courses are built using ClickLearn, the powerful e-learning authoring and publishing solution ensuring clear guidance, consistent formatting and easy to follow instruction.

Find out more about ClickLearn here.

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Customised Courses

Our courses cover fundamental aspects to get users started using the software and systems they are expected to work with on a daily basis. Many systems undergo customisation to suit individual business needs and with that in mind, QGate can provide customised courses to reflect this. We can also provide content translated into over 45 other languages as part of this service. Please contact us for more information on how we can best cater to your needs.

QGate can deliver custom courses on almost ANY software solution to provide initial user online training. We have content developers experienced in training content creation and skilled in using ClickLearn resources that can quickly and effectively create tailored e-learning content for you.

As part of the service you can contribute to the content with background information, policy guidance etc., or have direct input to the step recording process.

Content Updates

Hectic employee schedules and a dispersed workforce

QGate training offers online training in different formats to suit your situation and needs, whether that be interactive courses to run in your LMS, resources to embed within your system or tutor lead training run as online sessions. Alternatively if you are a ClickLearn user already take advantage of our source files as a starting pint for your own content.

Different learning habits

Courses can be consumed in bite size segments and across a wide variety of formats to suit learning styles and practises. Consistent training content surfaced across the formats available so that learners all receive the same high standard of education and training.

Lack of engagement and training that is not relevant

Course content can be consumed any time or place, ensuring individual learners can focus and progress without distraction. Focused resources covering all the essentials that can be modified or even replicated within a customised system upon request.

Costs, costs, and costs

Save time and money whilst ensuring a learning experience that will keep your users up to date and engaged. Allow your users to progress at their own pace without the worry or resources becoming outdated with the option to purchase regular updates as required.

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