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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Playbooks

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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Playbooks Course

Aimed at introducing users with limited experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to the setup and use of Playbooks. You will learn how to create playbook categories, activities and templates, upload documents and how to publish and monitor them. You will gain insight into the use of Playbooks and their completion. Through tasks, assignments and quizzes, you will be able to gain hands-on knowledge and put what you have learnt into practice.

Course Overview 

This course focuses on introducing users to the basic concepts of creating and using Playbooks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Users will be shown how Playbooks can be used to define best practice and how their use can be monitored. Each unit comes with a set of tasks that can be used to gain experience creating information within the system as well as quizzes to test basic learner progress.

Duration: 4 hours

The topics this course covers are:

  • The main concepts behind the use of Playbooks
  • Creation and setup of Playbooks
  • Use of and monitoring of Playbook Activities

Delivery options:

  • On site
  • Via Remote sessions
  • As LMS compliant SCORM files
  • As a ClickLearn Portal

Languages: This course can be made available in alternative languages upon request.

Customisable: This course can be customised through the authoring service.

Assessment Methods:

  • Tasks and exercises
  • Quiz questions

Prices: TBC

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