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Power BI for Energy


Power BI for Energy Forecasting Dashboard

Power BI for Energy Status Dashboard

Power BI Energy Demand Forecast Dashboard

Storing energy is not cost-effective, so utilities and power generators need to forecast future power consumption so that they can efficiently balance supply with demand. During peak hours, short supply can result in power outages. And too much supply can result in a waste of resources. Advanced demand forecasting details hourly demand and peak hours for a particular day, allowing an energy provider to optimise the power generation. This report focuses on demand forecasting and provides region level energy usage details and forecasting future usage to optimise operations.

The ‘Energy Solution Status Summary’ page shows the status of energy demand of each region. Users can select a single region by clicking the filter on the left to investigate each region's status.

The ‘Energy Solution Forecast’ page shows the demand forecast results from the Azure Machine Learning model and different error metrics for users to identify the quality of the model. Temperature and its forecasts are used as a feature in the machine learning model.

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