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Power BI for Manufacturing

Real time visibility into your supply chain for more efficient and faster decisions

Power BI Manufacturing Dashboard

Power BI Manufacturing Expenses Dashboard

Power BI Manufacturing Revenue Dashboard

You can track key performance indicators in real time: machine utilisation, process efficiency, costs, inventory levels, losses and cycle times.

Manufacturers need to collaborate, monitor and communicate on live data to achieve operational excellence. Microsoft Power BI helps your team monitor real time data from multiple sources into one dashboard and drill down to identify issues when necessary. Get real time alerts with Power BI mobile apps and make your operations more efficient and minimise response times.

Monitor your supply chain and identify problems and bottlenecks before they reach critical processes. Share your dashboards with suppliers and partners so they can adjust to the latest information possible, making your processes more efficient and smarter. Monitor quality inputs and outputs from all sources, including your customers, to make quick and meaningful decisions that will improve your manufacturing quality.

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